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Your loyalty as an LBS Homeowner deserves to be celebrated!

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the all-new LBS Perks & Plusses loyalty programme – designed exclusively for homeowners like you who have trusted LBS since 1998. Get ready for a world of incredible rewards that will take your homeownership experience to new heights! As an esteemed LBS Homeowner, you have the exclusive opportunity to join the LBS Perks & Plusses Membership Programme. By signing up, you’ll receive your very own e-Card, unlocking a treasure trove of benefits and privileges tailored specifically to enhance your journey.

Everything You Needed to Know About LBS PERKS & PLUSSES

LBS Bina Loyalty Programme designed to reward customers who have purchased property(ies) from LBS Bina Group Berhad commencing from Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) signed date of 1 January 1998 onwards. Perks and Plusses Loyalty Program is a cardless loyalty programme that rewards our Purchasers with endless privileges for shopping & dining. For more details, kindly refer to https://rewards.lbs.com.my/

Open to ALL our Purchasers that bought LBS & MGB projects.

As long as you are the owner of any LBS & MGB projects, simply register at our loyalty
program website https://rewards.lbs.com.my/

Each unit is entitled for One (1) membership only. If the unit is more than One (1) name, only
1 person eligible to register.

Verification is required by the system administrator. Kindly allow us at least 3-working days to
approve your registration. Upon completion of verification, an email notification will be sent

If unable to register and/or registration is unsuccessful, kindly email us at [email protected]
for assistance.

Membership is FREE and NO fee required.

Membership in the LBS Loyalty Program is non-transferable, and the benefits provided are
only available to the Member.

LBS Loyalty Program is a lifetime program as long as you are the Purchaser of any LBS &
MGB projects

Visit our LBS loyalty program website, https://rewards.lbs.com.my/

LBS collaborates with numerous partners, and the brand partners change on a regular basis.
Our loyalty team is continually on the lookout for new brand connections. Stay tuned for
exciting updates and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

We shall be constantly updating our reward website as well as the social media. As such, stay
tuned and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok for more exciting announcement!

Click the support button on our website, https://rewards.lbs.com.my/ or use the link to chat
with our customer service on WhatsApp. It’s that easy!

No. A sub-sale purchaser will not be eligible for any LBS Perks & Plusses benefits

Here’s a glimpse of

the amazing perks

that await you:

Exclusive Rewards

Enjoy special rewards and discounts as a token of our appreciation for your trust in LBS.

Exciting Partnerships

Gain access to exclusive offers and privileges from our esteemed partners, including Watsons, Gintell, and Goodnite International.

Personalized Experiences

Experience tailored services designed to cater to your unique needs as an LBS homeowner.